Parse_text_proto.h:32] Check failed: ParseTextProto(input, &result)

I want to run the objecy detection example from mediapipe with GPU usage. I build successfully using bazel command but now I am trying to run it using below command

GLOG_logtostderr=1 bazel-bin/mediapipe/examples/desktop/object_detection/object_detection_tensorflow

I am getting the below error:

** [libprotobuf ERROR external/com_google_protobuf/src/google/protobuf/] Error parsing text-format mediapipe.CalculatorGraphConfig: 44:74: Could not find type “” stored in google.protobuf.Any.
F20210929 17:08:35.017341 124 parse_text_proto.h:32] Check failed: ParseTextProto(input, &result)
*** Check failure stack trace: ***
@ 0x55a78f3671e9 google::LogMessage::SendToLog()
@ 0x55a78f3632eb google::LogMessage::Flush()
@ 0x55a78f363739 google::LogMessageFatal::~LogMessageFatal()
@ 0x55a78f1dcc03 RunMPPGraph()
@ 0x55a78f018a24 main
@ 0x7f93935dfbf7 __libc_start_main
@ 0x55a78f1d72aa _start
@ (nil) (unknown)
Aborted (core dumped)

Please help!
Thanks !