Particles example frame saving

Hi all,

For those interested I made an addition to the particle example project from the SDK to save
JPG frames during the simulation. The changed main C++ file is this:

It writes a RGB 8bit PPM file, and uses cjpeg to create a numbered 99% Quality JPEG file per frame. I tested it on my Fedora 8/64bit machine (Pentium D/3GHz, GF9500, latest cuda driver), of course it creates a lot of data, those high quality jpegs are like 2GB per minute!

Example movie: (10 MegaByte, 1 min., little over 1Mb/S)

higher quality downloadable from:

Question: is there a good way (Open Source?) to make compressed 16 (or 8) bit frames, preferably accelrated with Cuda of course!


Theo Verelst