Particles in Omniverse

Been playing with some particles in Omniverse, an upcoming feature.

Here I am rendering with RTX path tracing at 2 samples per pixels on a single GPU using volume fog and moving a noise field.

Pretty cool looking


Now that’s very impressive. I’m so thankful for this leveraging of NVidia tech is such a serviceable way.

Very exciting horizon in VFX for sure!

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Any way you can share this scene, or is it already apart of Particle Samples (I havent check myself yet).

This is amazing! Will there be a way to also bring in particle sims from other DCCs e.g. Houdini for water spray/foam?

You can bring those in as timesampled animation caches.

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Anyway to do that in Create with Physics Sims? Create timesampled animation caches from Physics Sim results?