Pascal GP100 to be released 2nd Quarter 2016?

Sounds like the performance boost will be significant vs. Maxwell, particularly the global memory bandwidth. Good news for those who do image reconstruction/processing.

Wonder if they will go with a similar release schedule as Maxwell, with a low-end version first( GTX 750ti) then the big boys later (Titan X).

There is tons of speculation about Pascal on the internet, personally I wouldn’t make any decisions based on these rumors. Assuming the supposed “leaked slides” are real and not photoshopped, there is always the strong possibility that the rumored performance specs are for one model, but the rumored release schedule is for a different model.

As I recall, NVIDIA is on record that some Pascal-based GPU will be equipped with a 1 TB/sec memory.

I bought a Pascal GP100 off of eBay.

So far, I’m not very impressed with the performance.

Hopefully it’s just a driver issue.

I hope I didn’t get ripped off!

You can find the turbo driver disk for Pascal if you do a little searching.

GTC 2016 Opening Keynote is on April 5th, search for S6699. Guess we’ll get to see Pascal demoed there.

Allanmac, I am sorry to say this, but I think you got wood screwed.

Not sure whether allanmac got “wood-screwed”, these kind of hand-written stickers are typical for early engineering samples, I think.

Have any of you had a chance yet to look at the “Pascal User Manual and Report”? I just browsed it briefly, but spotted data transfer procedures pack() and unpack(), as well as put() and get() for file handling. Does anybody here know what those “record types” are about?

@SPWorley: Cool, I heard through the grapevine that one can get those Turbo Pascal disks from some of the known warez sites, but I am too scared to go there (I don’t want to catch a virus), so I will probably have to wait until the official version shows up later.

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