Pass MAT frames to feature tracker not available as physical images

I have the feature tracking sample from the VisionWorks library running by giving it the direct location of the input video.
However I want to send frames to it one by one, on which I have already performed some operations, so that it can be integrated into a pipeline.
As I get these frames ONLY after performing the said operations, I dont have access to them physically so I can’t pass the folder location that contains the images/video or any such method.
TL;DR I wish to send frames (of MAT / vx_image type) to the feature tracker in a loop without using a physical location input.

Update: I manage to convert the image after looking through several posts here but when I pass the vx_image to the feature tracker function, it gives this error for each image passed. Any help would be appreciated.

Error: format == VX_DF_IMAGE_RGBX failure in file feature_tracker.cpp line 139


We have a sample to demonstrate OpenCV -> VisionWorks.


Please check it for some information first.