Passing in codec options to jetson.utils.videoSource in python


I can get video-viewer to work with video-viewer --input-codec=h264 ‘rtsp://rest-of-url-for-cheap-ip–camera’.

Trying the following (or any sensible variant) in python does not work, moans about failing to find stream info:

input = jetson.utils.videoSource(‘rtsp://rest-of-url-for-cheap-ip-camera’, ‘input-codec=h264’)

What does the above line need to look like? I have noted some references to ArgParsers but am a newbie to this and am unsure what the code needs to look like.

Thank you.

P.S. for folks having problems with such IP cameras, if you go into their config menu and set Iframe interval to one, things seem to work fine afterwords.

Is Sunday, input = jetson.utils.videoSource(‘rtsp://rest-of-url-for-cheap-ip-camera’, [‘me’, ‘–input-codec=h264’]) works.

Thanks @derek.pirie, yes that is correct, you can manually set the command-line arguments like that. These other optional arguments can also be set in the same fashion: