Passing mouse/keyboard to second pc

I have a situation where I want to pass the mouse and keyboard to the second pc through the usb. Is there a way to do this.

This would be a " Xavier input >> Xavier output >> Linux pc input"

I am under the impression that the micro usb is already in device mode so is there a way to pass / mirror the mouse keyboard to this to do this?


Not sure about such case. If some ubuntu tool work fine with usb device mode, it should be feasible on NX too.

Thanks WaneWWW.

Time to learn some new input output info.

Seems like there should be an easy way to pipe this.

Here are some links for anyone that happens across this in the future interested in input devices.



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Depending on what you want to do, perhaps “x2go” would work. See “apt search x2go”.

looks like more than I need with potential for increased latency. I plan to take video in from the pc via usb video link and just want to react via /dev/input/mouse0 to the pc. I attempted the raspberry pi gadget type mode but this crashed the system possibly due to the fact that the jetson is already using gadget mode on the micro usb for the sdk up-link. I dont however see settings for usb hid or any such settings so far. One option may be to pass usb/ip on that usb link.

The “gadget” framework is just a template for various “standard” devices. The port is normally in device mode when a micro-B USB cable is used, but the only gadgets set up are currently mass storage and virtual wired ethernet. It would require a bit of a learning curve, but you could extend what is there and create a “gadget” keyboard, then some program which triggers key presses. The documentation for gadget is here:

In theory you could add extra code to the existing content in “/opt/nvidia/l4t-usb-device-mode”. This would save having to set up for device mode, but you would still have to create all of the keyboard device content.