Passing parameters to Deepstream 6.0 Graph Composer generated Container Builder docker container

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I am using deepstream-test1 reference graph for Graph Composer. The first component of the pipeline is nvidia::deepstream::NvDsSingleSrcInput. Source uri is one of the properties. I am able to set this property in the designer or in the parameters.yaml file. I am building the container with Container Builder using ds_test1_container_builder_dgpu.yaml. I would like to be able to specify the value of the URI property on the “docker run” command line and when I create the container with docker API. Is this possible at the moment or the only way is to modify the parameters.yaml file? Where could I find more details about ENTRYPOINT functionality in Container Builder Configuration?

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Here is the document for docker build. You can override entrypoint when run docker with docker run -it --entrypoint.

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