Passively Updating UI Elements - Update Contents of ComboBox


I have an extension that adds objects to a scene and I’m keeping track of all of the generated objects’ prim paths. I’d like this runtime-updated list of prim paths to be visible in a ComboBox, but if I just set the ComboBox options to the array on startup when the array is empty I won’t get the desired behavior. I suppose I could generate the ui element at the press of a button but that seems roundabout and sloppy. What I’m really looking for is where, outside of the startup function, I am to put constantly updating ui elements (if some predetermined tick/update function exists).

Thank you!


Hi Matthew. Like other widgets, the ComboBox has a Model. Check out this timestamped video where I show how to do what you’re asking about: NVIDIA Omniverse Developer Office Hour - 08/26/2022 | NVIDIA On-Demand

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