Password for new Jestson Nano

Bough 2 new nanos and these where factory flashed and no external SD: so it booted up straight away, then 10 minutes later when it when to sleep I needed a password to wake itup. There is no password on the user manual or box. What is the factory password?

Hi bjorn.johnsson,

Please use SDK Manager to flash the latest JetPack-4.6.1 on your new Jetson Nano board.
You can setup username and password by your own.
Please reference more detail from: Download and Run SDK Manager :: NVIDIA SDK Manager Documentation

I do not get it I tried 10 times to download and install. It just doesnt install on the jetson. Also my version of jetson nano has no microSD card holder. So I cannot install externally. and internally it just doesnt want to install SDKmanager.

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