Password not available yet AWS windows.

I cannot get password for my instance that i just subscribe

NVIDIA Gaming PC - Windows Server 2019
Region - Singapore // ap-southeast-1a

I have waited more 1 hour already while leaving instance open but still l cannot get password. I have myKeypair name in my pc but it just dont let me enter the password.

----------------------------------------------- Error -------------------------------------------------------
** Password not available yet.
Please wait at least 4 minutes after launching an instance before trying to retrieve the auto-generated password.

Note: Passwords are generated during the launch of Amazon Windows AMIs or custom AMIs that have been configured to enable this feature. Instances launched from a custom AMI without this feature enabled use the username and password of the AMI’s parent instance.**

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I had the same issue. NVIDIA didn’t properly config the windows instance before they baked the AMI to allow a new key pairs at launch. Luckily, they didn’t disable the AWS SSM agent on the host. All you really need to do here is reset the local administrator password on the host which you can do via SSM Session Manager.

Launch the MP Nvidia AMI with an IAM role that has the SSMManagedInstanceCore policy attached to it. Once the instance launches, wait a few minutes for the machine to register with SSM (< 5min). Open up session manager in in the AWS SSM console and run the following powershell commands to reset the admin password:

$Password = Read-Host "YourPasswordHere" -AsSecureString
$UserAccount = Get-LocalUser -Name "Administrator"
$UserAccount | Set-LocalUser -Password $Password

Connect to the host via RDP and use the password you set during the SSM session.

(this is for all my covid-hating amigos looking to game during the quarantine)

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Thank you for your help Paul. This helped me get started. Later I was experimenting with different things and I found that if you apply an IAM role to the instance that you have created with “AmazonSSMManagedInstanceCore”, “AmazonSSMAutomationRole” and probably “AmazonS3ReadOnlyAccess” policies this allowed the the password generator to successfully pass the generated password back to the aws console and work like the quick start guide describes. I am new to this and there may be a better or more restrictive set of policies that will enable this same result so refinement is appreciated.