[patch] 381.09 + kernel 4.11

Patch is a cut down version of 378.13, so it should work just fine however the need to relicense nvidia-drm (kref_read() needs GPL symbols) kernel module from “MIT” to “Dual MIT/GPL” still prevents anyone from using this in production and redistribution.

Hopefully by the time 4.11 is officially released this hack won’t be required anymore (see previous patch for more info).

patch -p1 <<< $(curl 'https://gist.githubusercontent.com/tpruzina/e7e4b9085e354e6e9f9c0d2401c6e51c/raw/405ec63c8d2f9f8a010d14b2fc3ae9ada2e16707/nvidia-drivers-381.09-v3.patch')

edit: fixed compiler warnings

Thank you, it works fine for me with rc6

bump, works for 4.11

Can you explain the steps you created to patch this? I downloaded the patch,

sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-381.09.run --extract-only
cd NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-381.09
sudo nano nvidia-drivers-381.09-v3.patch

pasted patch info from

patch -p1 < nvidia-drivers-381.09-v3.patch

cd …

sudo init 3
sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-381.09.run

I receive installer script errors… Is this the wrong process? Any idea when the next beta will be released supporting 4.11 ?

You seem to be patching it correctly, would have to show use installer errors to tell more.

As for official 4.11 support I don’t know, nvidia seems to be releasing updates roughly every month per each branch and mid-week, so I would suspect them releasing it “soon(ish)”. They never comment on releases and upcoming features so don’t bother to ask though.