Patch for enabling USB3 on M2 slot using latest JetPack 3.2.1

Hi Mark,

Which pin is the VBUS pin you see wrong voltage?
Can we reproduce it with

It is SanDisk USB3 pen drive. It can be detected as SuperSpeed device.


The patch as of two days ago worked! We’re in business as of today after working out one last blocker.

The final blocker was that the later DTB file changes left GPIO20_AUD_INT holding our device’s reset line active low - where this pin sat at above 2.0 volts in earlier versions of L4T.

In any case, our device is now enumerating and exposing the serial port.

Thank very much for your help. I hope this patch will be useful for others looking to activate the M2 USB port.



@DaneLLL This file is no longer available for download. I’ve placed what I believe to be the unmodified patch here:

Is there any reason why files eventually fall off the share - or is there a place where they can be found elsewhere?