Patch for jetpack 4.3 for 64gb module

Can we please have a patch so that jetpack 4.3 will run on the new 64GB module.

You either need to supply 32GB modules or a JP4.3 version for the 64GB module as this is preventing business

Thanks chris

I assume the patch will eventually be released to the public, but for now you need to talk to your sales rep to get a private copy.

I didn’t see the plan to have the overlay patch to support 64GB Xavier on JetPack 4.3.
Suggest o move on the latest version. Thanks

The private patch I received from our sales rep seems to work with our JP 4.3 board using 64GB module. That’s why I suggested @cdevd to talk to his rep.


do you have a name or reference for the patch so I know what to ask for. It sounds like another patch may work for 4.3


I can’t give you my contact person. BTW, there are some known issues with 64GB module as discussed here that is unrelated to JP version. I suggest you hold off.

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