Path tracing with denoiser crash


I’m experimenting with denoised path tracing using the basic code from the “optixDenoiser” sample scene. Optix works amazing well but I’m hitting some instability when there’s lots of objects to trace.

The crash is random and occurs in nvoglv64.dll. I’ve updated to the latest gpu drivers without success.

Here’s my system details

OptiX 5.0.0
CUDA v 9.1
Number of Devices = 1
Device: 0 GeForce GTX 960M
Driver Version: 390.77
Compute Support: 5 0
Total Memory: 4294967296
Clock Rate: kilohertz 1176000

try CUDA 9.0 (or even 8.0) and device driver: 388.59 and TDR enabled (with long delay times)
I had many crashs with CUDA 9.1 in combination with OptiX 5.0.0 on that path tracer + denoiser sample (and a deactivated TDR) but since using CUDA 9.0 and driver 388.59 and enabled TDR no more crashs yet.
In release notes
Take a look at "Development Environment Requirements " and at “known issues”.
NOTE: when using CUDA 8.0 the MDL part may cause trouble again, see your older question

Cuda 9.0 with driver 388.59 and TDR delay of 10 works without crashing.

Thanks for the help!