Pathtracing Lighting Too Bright - Do I need to re-light the scene?

This is the same exact scene shown using Raytracing and Pathtracing. Do you need to re-light your scene when using Pathtracing? Are there any other tricks you need to know when setting up a scene for Pathtracing?


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Re-lighting for Path-tracer mode is not necessary.

You may try the following settings and then compare Real-Time Ray-tracer (RT) with Path-tracer mode (PT).

RTX Settings β†’ Real-Time Renderer β†’ Ray Tracing Tab β†’ Direct Lighting Section β†’ Enable Sampled Direct Lighting = On

RTX Settings β†’ Real-Time Renderer β†’ Ray Tracing Tab β†’ Indirect Diffuse Lighting β†’ Ambient Light Intensity = 0.0

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Hi, thanks for the quick response. I tried those settings but they don’t seem to affect the path-tracer, only the ray-tracer. The Ambient Light Intensity setting definitely makes the scene darker when in RTX Real-Time mode, but has no effect in RTX Path-Traced mode.

Can you post a render comparison between PT and RT with the above settings?


Here are some screenshots after applying those settings:



Hi @jholbrook ,
Could you post a small sample of the scene for us to look at?