PB3.8 installation error: "/dssg doesn't exist in the container"

When intalling the pb3.8 with singularity, an unexpected error “/dssg doesn’t exist in the container”. Here is a screenshot.

PS: The host OS is CentOS 8.3.2011.
Thanks .

Hey @lkuang,

It looks like it’s having troubling mounting to that location. Can you share the command you used to run the installer and can you maybe try to ls that mount directory (/dssg/home/…) to make sure it exists.


Hi @gburnett,

Thanks for you relpy.
The screenshot shows the installation command (cmd), the directory, etc.

The /dssg is actually the physical directory.

It is confirmed the singularity setup make the container mount the directory automatically. After unseting it, now parabricks can be installed correctly.

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