PBP monitor misaligned after resuming from DPMS suspend

I’m running a large multi-monitor, multi-GPU BaseMosaic setup: five monitors on two Quadro RTX 4000’s. My main monitor, a Dell UP3218K, uses a dual DisplayPort link (PBP). Sometimes after resuming from putting the monitor to sleep (via xset dpms force suspend), the two halves of the display become vertically misaligned by a couple of pixels. Sometimes, but not always, this is accompanied by a bright flickering line of pixels at the bottom of the right half of the screen (always the right). None of the other four monitors ever encounter any trouble. Resetting my display configuration by running arandr and immediately hitting the “apply” button without making any changes makes the problem clear up until the next time I put the displays to sleep.

I’ve had this problem ever since I got these monitors a couple months ago Upgrading to 460.56 didn’t fix it, despite its promising-sounding changelog entry about fixing display corruption when resuming from sleep.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (597.9 KB)

This turned out to be caused by a bad cable. Disregard.