PC access device directory

OTG connects TX2 to a PC, which can directly recognize one of TX2’s directory storage Spaces

This is actually set up only as a demo, but the mass storage emulation demo could be modified. Currently it is a read-only access to a small loopback mounted filesystem. Modifications could include access to other parts of the Jetson. The mechanism for doing this is the Linux “gadget” framework, whereby certain “standard driver class” devices can be emulated. This includes the virtual ethernet over micro-B USB, and also mass storage.

If you look at “/opt/nvidia/l4t-usb-device-mode”, then you’ll find the scripts which take advantage of the Linux gadget API. The stop.sh and start.sh scripts stop and start the gadget mode. The .service files are used by systemd at startup to do this (they are wrappers to the start and stop scripts).

The file “nv-l4t-usb-device-mode-config.sh” is where configuration exists for the virtual wired ethernet and the mass storage. You might want to save an unmodified version of this, and experiment with modifying the mass storage part if you wish to customize the gadget mode software. Here is a URL on the gadget API if interested:

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