PC cannot recognize USB

The PC cannot recognize TX1 USB, it USES tx1-usbpcdriver, and the recognized USB device “Android Debug Bridge Interface” has a ‘!’, we need to identify USB device and use Linux virtual machine to recovery TX1.

To clarify, are you finding this issue when the Jetson is in recovery mode for flash?

FYI, VMs do not correctly pass through the recovery mode Jetson to the VM and are not supported. However, people have made this work. The issue is that the host to the VM must give full ownership of the USB device to the VM even if the USB disconnects and reconnects. The USB will disconnect and reconnect many times during a flash. It is up to the owner of the VM how USB connections are treated and the Jetson itself has no control over this.

yes, TX1 is in factory mode.

the the USB disconnects and reconnects, windows7 don’t find USB device. Is there a problem with the USB driver for windows7?

If you are thinking the recovery mode Jetson should behave as mass storage, then this is incorrect. Many devices behave as mass storage when the USB OTG connector is used…smart phones, tablets, so on…and so there is a false perception that this is what USB device mode does. However, this is not the case…each device is custom programmed and mass storage is just the most commonly programmed behavior. A device could be a camera, a keyboard, a network card, or absolutely anything that can be created for use over USB. The Jetsons are a custom device and not a standard device. Jetsons being flashed require a custom driver.

The driver package (which you can download in the L4T downloads…but JetPack/SDK Manager does this for you) is the only software which understands a recovery mode Jetson, and this software runs only on Linux. Windows has on driver for this and none is available. There would be no purpose for such a driver since the filesystems and other software being flashed is not understood by Windows, e.g., the ext4 filesystem type does not exist in the Windows world.

If you have a VM running Linux which is hosted by Windows, then this can be done if you know enough about VMs and can force the USB to be ignored by Windows and always attached to the VM. Then the driver package (plus the front end GUI JetPack/SDK Manager) runs on the Linux/Ubuntu VM.

Note that the repeated disconnect and reconnect is normal behavior. VM settings are at fault when a disconnect is unable to automatically reconnect, and so getting past this requires knowledge of the specific VM.