PCI 3.0 on TX2


I am trying to use a edgeTPU module using a PCI on TX2.
Reading this specification, it seems like the TX2 conforms to PCI Express Base Specification Revision 2.0 - section 4.3.
Coral says:

Is it incompatible? I have read that the TX2 has interrupts on the PCI, but does it requires 3.0 PCI specs to work?

Thanks in advance,


Please go ahead and try. It should work without any issues.

Ok thanks.

I have, but the custom carrier board used with the TX2 hasn’t been finalised for it yet, so was wondering if the problem was coming from TX2 itself too…

I know Xavier really boosted things and handles up to PCIe gen. 4. From what I can tell the TX2 only supports gen. 2. See:

The TX2 is rather old, the NX is a similar form factor so far as the module goes, but much more modern:

I also have to add that actually achieving a particular generation’s speed on a PCIe bus requires proper design. If signal quality is not sufficient, then the bus will slow down to a slower generation’s speed. Not many devices actually achieve gen. 4, but gen. 3 is commonly reached (although there are a number of devices which might end up throttling back to gen. 2).

Note: The Nano is the same gen. 2 as the TX2.