Pci_epf_tvnet virtual ethernet doesn't show eth1 on host when using Xavier NX PCI-E EP mode

lspci -v from host does show xavier nx as network controller, but interface eth1 is missing, any idea how to bring up eth1 on host? host running ubuntu 20.04

If this is a non-Tegra based host, then, the device driver for this network device needs to be compiled and loaded on the host platform. tegra_vnet.c is the file to be compiled.

How do I compile and load tegra_vnet into host? I found tegra_vnet in kernel/nvidia/drivers/net/ethernet/nvidia/pcie/ under source file, and tried compiling whole kernel with option (Device Drivers>Network device support>Ethernet driver support>NVIDIA Tegra PCIe virtual net driver) using nconfig but didn’t found tegra_vnet.ko in compile output.

Say Y here if you want to support Tegra PCIe endpoint device on
the host. This driver adds support in the host to communicate with
virtual network function driver available in Tegra PCIe endpoint.

is mention in the tegra_vnet Kconfig file, and this option doesn’t work.

Please copy this (tegra_vnet.c) file into your host machine and compile it like how a typical device driver file is compiled in the host machine.
Refer: https://www.oreilly.com/library/view/linux-device-drivers/0596005903/ch02.html
Once the ko file is generated, please load it and you should be able to see the eth1 interface