PCI Mezannine cards and CUDA For blades

Are there any PCI mezannine CUDA enabled GPU card available in the market?

We have a requirement to speedup a blade grid. Looking at using CUDA for it.

Thanks for any inputs.

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Not that I am aware of. But this is what Tesla S-series servers were designed for.



Thank you Mark. I should say “Your reply was most timely”. THanks a lot.

I just went through the system spec of tesla S870 1U board: http://www.nvidia.com/docs/IO/43395/S870-B…85-001_v01c.pdf

I see that the rack mounted cards are basically PCI-E elements and are connected to the server via “PCI-E cables”. A Host-Interface card at the server end will receive the PCI-E cables. Thats a cool idea.

But from the diagram, I see that the PCI-E host interface card can fit only on desktop model of the servers. I dont think they can be connected to “blades” which have PCI-E support.

Can you kindly share your inputs on this?

Yes, the daughter cards can be plugged into server chassis. Though you have to check for the specifics (dimensions, etc.) with your vendor.