PCIe C5 lane pin remap

Our customer AGX Orin carrier board want design PICE C5 pin to below table, and it different with Orin EVB design.
May I to know that is it working? How to remap the PCIe pinmux for this design?

Orin_PCIe_remap.xlsx (11.0 KB)


This lane reversal design should work.

Hi, @WayneWWW :
Got it.
May I to know how to setup pinmux for PCIe reversal pin?
Because I check the pin muxing of D29 pin in Jetson_AGX_Orin_Series_Pinmux_Config_Template_V1.4.xlsm, and D29 only support PEX5_RX4N or PEX6_RX0N, and how to setup D29 pin to PEX5_RX3N?

No need to change pinmux. Just keep it the original one and pcie software will help handle.

Hi, @WayneWWW :

But I don’t fully understand that “pcie software will help handle”.
You mean that PCIe driver doesn’t need to change and Could it work fine after automatic detect PCIe reversal?
or PCIe driver need to do some update?

Our PCIe driver by default already supported lane reversal. Thus, once your hardware is correct, it would work without changing pinmux.

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