PCIe capture and output with nano


I would like to know if it is possible to use the PCIe interface of the Nano in order to be able to input or output video to and from this interface to an embedded FPGA.

Our first use case would be to send video using gstreamer to a display where PCIe interface is connected.
This way, we do not need to use HDMI a HDMI receiver in between Nano and FPGA.

Is someone managed to make PCIe working as a display output. Are there any driver available that could do this?


PCIe interface as such is capable of supporting your requirement provided you have a device driver for the embedded FPGA which is getting connected to Nano.
We don’t have information on who has tried such setup but I’m confident that someone may have tried it. (we’ll come to know that only if the person who tried it replies to this thread)

Can we use the PCIe interface in order to input and output video feeds at the same time?
We would like the Nano to see capture device over PCIe and also see a Gstreamer render device over PCIe.

It all depends on the capabilities of the embedded FPGA device you are going to connect and the software stack you are going to develop to work with the embedded FPGA device.
FWIW, PCIe controller present in Jetson Nano supports all the PCIe spec defined capabilities.