PCIE Configuration BIOS Setting not visible

With Jetpack 5.x i have been having issues with PCIE devices at boot. I’m not sure what sequences allowed this option to be visible, but on one unit a bios setting for “PCIE Configuration” became visible and i changed it to be “OS”. that combined with a kernel command line option “pcie_ports=compat” allowed that system to boot and function correctly. This said i’m unsure how i got the “PCIE configuration” page visible. Trying to recreate this with Jetpack 5.1, but i can’t find the setting, however if i go to the nvidia configuration tab and do a “reset”, then change an option and go to save and exit, it fails to exit due to “pcie configuration” settings error. There is an option to go and edit this setting, but it brings me to a blank page.

THe PCIE Configuration setting is only available in the BIOS when the “os hardware interface” is set to “ACPI” instead of “device tree”. This did not appear to be related to the booting issue however.

Thanks for the sharing!

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