Pcie failed to link on my custom carrier board

Hi,there was a probelm on my own carrier board?
UPHY[9:8] Pcie failed to link,PEX_CLK4_P/N did not have a output refclk
NVHS[7:0] Pcie failed to link,PEX_CLK5_P/N did not have a output refclk
UPHY[5:2] pcie works well,PEX_CLK0_P/N has a 100MHz Refclk waveform output
please help me to figure it out,thankyou!

Hi, did you try your sw on devkit to see if output successfully? What’s the difference between your board and devkit carrier board? Did you follow the OEM DG well to make design? There is a checklist sheet in OEM DG which can help to locate the design difference.