PCIE length exceeds 9 in,max lenght is 10.5 in

My new board,the length of PCIE lane is 10.5 in. Xavier OEM Guide recommends is 9 in.
What will be the impact if it exceeds 9 inches? How to make it avaiable?


It might affect the signal quality if line length is out of limit. Suggest to follow guide to make shorter line.

Limited by the structure, it is difficult to make it shorter. If we use pcie 2.0 5Gbps, can the length exceed 9 inches?

No, the maximum length is decided by flying time not frequency.

Probably not what you wanted, but you could put a bridge in. If you get really lucky, then perhaps adjusting preemphasis/deemphasis could get you by, but it would probably be a bit “fragile” doing so.

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