Pcie pastrough with gt 740 and rtx 3050

i have 2 gpu, an rtx 3050 (i want to use it for mining in a vm trough passtrough) and a geforce gt 740, (i want to use it so i have a display output when i am using the other one for mining) is there a easy way of exchanging drivers once i am done mining?

Hi there @juanjobayut, welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

I don’t think there are compatible drivers supporting both the RTX 3050 and an old GT740. For the GT the latest driver is 474.64 which does not work with the RTX GPU. That means you need to have separate environments (like a VM) running each of them.

But of course when you switch the GPUs or just use the RTX as the main GPU you can simply do a clean install of the newest driver for that GPU. But the GT will stop working at that point.

I hope that answered your questions.