PCIe port M.2 key M has an issue on Xavier NX Custom Board

We are testing PCIe M.2 Key M on Xavier NX system.
The SSD device is Samsung PM991.

It has no issue with Developer Kit.
But our custom board has some problems.

The ssd device is recognized on mount system without any problems.
And we tested it all speed options from Gen 1 to Gen 4.
Process is hang when we transfer data or format the SSD with Gen 2 ~ 4.
But there is no issue with Gen 1.

Our hardware follows instructions as Product Design Guide.
And this is the log => PCIE.txt (69.4 KB)

What are we missing?

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support?


Dear, @kayccc

It has still problem.
The device bring issue when we copy or move any data to NVMe storage.

Please check the kernel log.
dmesg.log (80.5 KB)