PCIe switch fw update for external host to connect both GPUs


I have been trying to make both GPUs visible to external x86 host via miniSAS connector.

I have been told to upgrade the pcie switch, but I have some questions.

Do I need to flash both switch 1 and switch 2? What configuration should I use? My current setup has configuration 0x40044001 for Switch-1, FW version 01, 08, 0, Build D58.

From NVIDIA DRIVE AGX System High Level Block Diagram, looks like GPUs are connected to Switch-2, however miniSAS ports are connected to Switch-1. The only component between Switch-1 and Switch-2 COM Express. I am wondering however GPU traffic is routed to miniSAS?

Per flashing docs, section ‘Prerequisites for Flashing PM8533 PCIE Switch 2’, it says: “NOTE: Currently this is only supported on internal AURIX firmware.”.
How do I know if we have internal AURIX firmware or not? If not, from where can I get one?

Per docs, after the AURIX setup, ttyUSB15 can access Switch-2, but how do I get it back to access Switch-1?

Thanks a lot for you help!

Dear ranchen,

The miniSAS ports are for connecting to Xavier via PCIe Switch-1, not for accessing the dGPU SXM2 modules. The only way for X86 to access the dGPU modules via PCIe is through COM EX Type-7 connector. Thanks.

Hmm…that’s interesting because I was told by one of the Nvidia engineers to access GPU via miniSAS.

Anyhow, do you have any recommendation on the COM EX Type-7 connector?
Looks like I can only access it via 10G RJ45 port?
Do I need to flash pcie switch2, since it sits between GPUs and COM EX?

Thank you!

Dear ranchen,

Could you please refer to the following link for the question? Thanks.

Hi Steve, I am not familiar with this COM Express module (is there even a module installed in the box by default?), could you please point me to some references? I went through the NIC firmware update doc but had no clues why do I need to update it.

Thank you!