PCIe switch

Good day,
I designed my own card into the M.2 slot because I need three ethernet ports. I use PCIe SWITCH PI7C9X2G404EL ----- 3x ----> x1 to ETH.
During debugging, I found out that I could see some communication and clock on the physical layer. Unfortunately, in dmesg and lspci, I see no indication that the card is initializing. Do you have any experience with this switch? Is there anyone who has used it and would advise me?

The switch doesn’t use the CLKREQ pin, so I didn’t use it at all. Does it make sense to edit something in the device tree module, if so what?

Thanks for any advice.

lspci-vvv.loggz (7.4 KB) lspci.loggz (188 Bytes) dmesg.loggz (50.5 KB)

Please add the following entry in the PCIe nodes pci@1,0 & pci@2,0


(basically, where ever you find ‘nvidia,num-lanes’ entry, add the above one in the same node)
This should remove any dependency of providing REFCLK on CLKREQ signal.