PCIe x16 mechanical (x4 electrical)

Summary: I have a board implementing the intel 5000X chipset. It has two PCIe x16 slots. However, the secondary slot is described as x16 mechnical( x4 electrical). The “true” x16 slot has a Quadro FX3500 being used as the primary display adapter.

Question: Can I install the 8800GTS in the x16 mechanical( x4 Electrical) slot?


You should be able to install the card in the other slot, however the bandwidth will be reduced (slower downloads and readbacks).

OK. It works in the secondary slot. I can run most of the samples. However, the ones that use opengl or dirextx do not display anything in their windows. Just black.

Like stated above I am using two video cards. An FX3500 used as the primary display adapter and the 8800GTS for evaluating CUDA.

Any ideas?


Windows / Linux / driver version ?


That might be useful…

Windows XP 32-Bit SP2
gpu0: FX3500
gpu1: GeForce 8800GTS
driver version: 97.73