PCN 210641 patching instructions

After reading PCN 210641, we do NOT want to move to a newer Jetpack, i.e. we need to continue flashing and shipping our current Jetpack version.
According to the PCN, we need to somehow patch our existing Jetpack 5.1 (L4T 35.2.1) to handle the upcoming RAM component change on 8 GB Xavier NX modules. We need the patching instructions referenced (but not provided) by the PCN.
Where can I find the patching instructions if needed?


I am not sure what info you have there. Basically the overlay patch are just files which you can directly replace the old one in your Linux_for_Tegra.

For example, untar/unzip the patch tarball to Linux_for_Tegra directory and it will replace those files.

So the PCN isn’t necessarily a ‘must do’ rather a ‘if you’re having issues, patch/update’
Not having any issues currently.


Actually it is a must do.

My point is the instruction is not something that is difficult.

Here is the snapshot from your PCN:

Reaching out to ‘discuss the possibilities’ in case there were any gotchas

It is straightforward now… just unzip/replace.
Do you have a link to the patch file?

If this website does not have the overlay for the version you are using. Please contact with the NV contact window you are checking with and report this issue.

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