PDAF Autofocus

I was curious if anyone has either attempted building out PDAF for IMX sensors or has attempted to receive embedded data at the bottom of a frame through nvargus.

Basically we are interested in pulling one embedded data line off at the bottom of the frame and act on raw pixel data to change the voice coil position. We have the voice coil commanded through v4l2-ctl by commanding the VCM I2C register.
Our application is very sensitive to latency and thus any application would need to add less than 2ms of latency. A option would be to tee the data in Gstreamer so that the autofocus plugin would not contribute to latency of the encoded outgoing frame, but open to suggestions.

This is the only forum post I could find on this topic. The camera doesn’t have a register to trigger autofocus and needs to be closed on the tx2: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1047039/jetson-tx2/pdaf-functionality-on-tx2-vi/post/5314430/#5314430

Hi jkeenan
Sorry to tell. Jetson camera system not support auto focus yet.