PDB files lack line information

I’m trying to debug some C/Fortran code built with the PGI Community Edition compilers on Windows. I used the -g flag and can see the .pdb files being generated. However, when running under WinDbg then I can only see function names, no file/line information is available and hence setting break points etc. is impossible.
For sanity checking I downloaded the following tool to dump out the PDB contents into a text file:

And indeed when it gets to the lines section it prints “Mod::GetEnumLines failed” for all the object files compiled with PGI.

Is PGI using a PDB format which is only partly compatible to Microsoft’s? If so, why? The PDB format is public since some time, so why not support that on Windows?

I don’t think we tell users WinDbg will work, just because we use the
same filename extension .pdb . Those files are for pgdbg to use.