Peak-bitrate property missing on omxh264enc GStreamer element

Hi there,

We have successfully followed the suggested steps for tweaking the speed of hardware encoding on Jetson TX2: , but after compiling and installing custom build of Libgstomx and GstEGL libraries, we’re not able to use peak-bitrate property on omxh264enc and omxh265enc GStreamer element. This issue blocks us from setting maximum bitrate for VBR scenario.

When looking at the source code, we can see that that the property is missing altogehter from /omx/gstomxh264enc.h and /omx/gstomxh265enc.h files. We used L4T sources version 28.2.

It looks like the GStreamer bits are behind the official version?



Hi B.
I can see it in

gstomx1_src$ grep 'peak-bitrate' ./ -r
./gst-omx1/omx/gstomxvideoenc.c:      g_param_spec_uint ("peak-bitrate", "Peak Bitrate",