PeopleFollower robot dog with Jetson Nano




We wanted to create a ROS compliant, easy to use Jetbot version, that had everything you need to do lads of AI robotics projects. So we designed Ignisbot to be just that.

We used the [Real Time Pose][/url] project as a basis. We ROsified it and used it to give Ignisbot data to be able to track your face, follow you and react like a dog would by wagging its tail proportionally to the distance f the face of a person.

We also created a collision-avoidance demo based on the one given as an example in the tutorials.

We also created launch files for CPU and GPU. That way the code can be easily tested in non-GPU systems and then see the huge difference when executed in the JetsonNano.

It’s a fun little project that we wanted to share here.
All the code created of course it’s opensource. We would love to see people using Ignisbot for crazy and fun things with JetsonNano.

Here you have all the gits and links for the different parts of the project:

Project Links:

[Project link with assembly BOM, video guide and Kit][]

[Full Public CAD assembly in OnShape online platform][]

[Youtube VIDEO of the Project][]

[Course for learning how all this is done in Ignisbot][]


[IgnisBotS Gazebo Simulation][]

[JesonNano Servo Hat Drivers ROS package][]


[Jetbot ROS Package][]

[IgnisBot Collision avoidance ROS][]

[Collision Training models and images][]

[3D prints STL exported files][]

[IgnisBot Setup Script][]



I like it! How cute a Jeson dog is.

And thank you for sharing all materials about project.

I also can make my own myself.