Perf command does not work well on Xavier

I am trying to use perf for profiling on a target Xavier. However, I am receiving the following output:

Performance counter stats for 'CPU(s) 1':

       3002.616160      cpu-clock (msec)          #    1.000 CPUs utilized
               253      context-switches          #    0.084 K/sec
                33      cpu-migrations            #    0.011 K/sec
                 0      page-faults               #    0.000 K/sec
   <not supported>      cycles
   <not supported>      instructions
   <not supported>      branches
   <not supported>      branch-misses

       3.002808256 seconds time elapsed

Many of the interesting values seem not to be supported.What could be going wrong? Are there better ways to monitor those not-supported performances?

Hi xiayu.hua,

We tried below command on r32.6.1/Xavier, only ‘branches’ value show not supported.

$ sudo ./perf stat --cpu 1
 Performance counter stats for 'CPU(s) 1':

     425609.471648      cpu-clock (msec)          #    1.000 CPUs utilized          
            59,603      context-switches          #    0.140 K/sec                  
             1,732      cpu-migrations            #    0.004 K/sec                  
            97,780      page-faults               #    0.230 K/sec                  
    56,950,668,198      cycles                    #    0.134 GHz                    
    82,264,129,748      instructions              #    1.44  insn per cycle         
   <not supported>      branches                                                    
       346,966,194      branch-misses                                               

     425.627736430 seconds time elapsed

Are you using the same command with r32.6.1?
Please try again without using VM. Thanks!

I am more curious about why you have a VM there. Are you installing a VM on jetson AGX?

Thanks for the quick reply. The fact is, I directly ssh to the board and run the perf command, I don’t think it’s in a virtualization environment.

Then why did you say it is a Linux virtual machine in first comment?

Has corrected the description. It’s actually on a target Xavier