Perfecto host for a s870?


We have recently acquired a Tesla s870. As the “Compatible platforms” section in the TESLA webpage is not very informative, I would like you to post your system setup for the s870, and the issues you have had.

We are interested, basically, in:

  • System vendor and model (if it is manufactured by a unique vendor).

  • Mother board model.

  • PCI-express connection, and bandwith attained experimentally.

  • OS used for the setup.

Thank you very much, I hope we can complete the TESLA webpage information with this little survey.

We are thinking about this machine:…5-81520081.html

It is an HP ProLiant DL160 G5. Nvidia page says it hasn’t been already tested, but it has two Gen2 PCIExpress connections, so the performance won’t be a problems.

Has somebody tested this machine with the s870? Do you think we will have any compatibility problem?


We intend to start testing with the DL160 in the Spring.

Which problems do you think we can find with that machine? Do you recommend us buying it?

Thank you very much.