Performance 9v vs 20v for Jetson NX

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Will there any different of performance bewteen 9v vs 20v power input for Jetson NX?


Power shouldn’t exceed 19.6V for delivery to the power pins. In theory there isn’t anything different between the 19.6V and 9V, but in practice I think power regulation must be better when using 9V. I can’t comment on specific Jetson models, but that is my general feel on the topic. I don’t have specific data.

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Does Jetson Nx 9v-19v or 9v -20v?

The high end of the barrel jack voltage is 19.6V. I’m not sure what the low end is.

Do you mean Xavier NX? It is 5V as recommended as listed in datasheet.

thanks all
so confuse about this
I just want to use it by power bank!

It is 5V to module and 9V~20V to devkit. If both supplies capability is same, then there should be no difference between 9V and 20V. Both will be converted to 5V and 3.3V first on carrier board.

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