Performance & crashes


I have 2 observations which I am not sure if they are related with My Jetson Nano 4GB:

  1. Slow: it is working very slow when in the Linux mode, much slower than I got from my Raspberry Pi. For example it can take many seconds to enter into docker. Boot time is very long. On the other hand, when I run the demo (of the “Hello world”) it runs at ~22 fps.

  2. Crashes when I run chromium. Lately I started opening Chromium browser. It takes a lot of time to open, and soon after that the System is crashing.

Any idea how to analyze the performance of the Linux?
Any other browser I should use?


Does it sdcard version? Change another much high performance to verify.
Check if it thermal issue. Maybe install a fan to confirm it.

Correct. I just purchased SanDisk extreme pro 64GB and the difference is amazing. The heat bothered me too, so I ordered a fan. I wish the Jetson Nano package was with all needed: fan, SD card, power supply…
Anyway, thanks for the good answer.

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