Performance interference of two regexes when running regex accelerators on BlueField-2


I am exploring the feasibility of running two regex workloads on the same regex accelerator. The testing program I used is RXPBench from the official site.

The results show that there is an interference between the MATCH TO BYTE RATIO of two regexes. For example, regex1's MATCH TO BYTE RATIO is 0 when it runs alone; when I run another regex regex2 whose MATCH TO BYTE RATIO is 30.54, regex1's MATCH TO BYTE RATIO also becomes ~30.

The results make me guess that the regex accelerator doesn’t differentiate the rule sets from multiple applications, in other words, it’s stateless. Everytime the regex accelerator will search all the rule sets in its hardware rule buffer despite that the buffer stores the rules of multiple applications.

Of course, that’s just a guess, could you please help to explain the root reason for this? Or does the regex accelerator have the ability to support multiple applications without any interference?

Best regards. :)