Performance issues after driver update

Hey there,

I am experiencing an issue with the latest Nvidia drivers on Linux and a wonder what the appropriate channels are to report it. I opened a ticket on the Nvidia support site but they redirected me here.

The issue is specific to running Syntheyes, which is camera tracking software for VFX work. With every driver version newer than 440.10, the application suffers from serious performance issue. The playback of image sequences is roughly 10x slower compared to before. (e.g. 5fps vs 50fps playback)

The problem can be easily reproduced in the trial version of the application ( ) by loading just any image sequence and comparing playback speed between driver versions, e.g. 440.10 vs 450.80.02.

I noticed in the latest release notes of the short-live branch there is a mention of “Fixed a performance regression in the NVIDIA X driver which affected some X11 RENDER extension use cases.” but using it didn’t solve the issue for me as well as posing other problems, e.g. nvidia-smi not recognizing the driver any longer.

Distro is CentOS 7.9.2009
GPU: GTX 1080 Ti

Any help or advice is appreciated.

Best regards,