Performance issues when working with 1000+ prims

I’ve been working with the Omniverse Create app and I noticed that it starts to chug with 1000+ prims. I know USD and Hydra can handle this amount fine. The performance issues can be observed when you perform the following actions in the scene I’m providing:

  1. Performing a large marquee selection on the castle cubes.
  2. Multi-selecting 1000+ cubes in the Stage window.
  3. Right-clicking and applying Rigid Body Physics preset to 1000+ cubes

The bottleneck appears to be in the UI code. (e.g. closing the Property window noticeably improves performance)

castle.usda (1.4 MB)

Hi matias.codesal, thank you for taking the time to report and including extra details. Can you provide some additional info: OS, GPU, and GPU Driver. Which version of Create are you on?


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Yes, property window performance issues are known. We are working on improving it. @dfagnou FYI

Thanks everyone.

FWIW, OS: Win10, GPU: RTX 2070 Super, GPU Driver: 461.40, Create version: 2021.1.1

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