Performance Monitoring in Jetson TX1

Hi, I am currently developing an application that use OpenCV and GPU acceleration. I need a tool to monitor the live performance (CPU, GPU and memory activity) when the application is running.

Visual profiler is a great tool, but it doesn’t work for embedded program with infinite looping. The application I develop needs to run continuously.

The tegrastat app comes with the board only able to sample the performance in 1s interval, which is too slow. I need to know the LIVE performance when the program is running.


Hello, wklee:
You can add a parameter to make tegrastats report status more frequently.

sudo /home/ubuntu/tegrastats

where ‘delay’ is the frequency of log prints, expressed in milliseconds (1000 means print every second.)


Hi Jachen,

Is that possible to obtain the code for Tegrastat? Then I can customize the readings based on my own need and I can write all the values into a file with customized format. Of course I can do this with current tegrastat by grepping and piping the values into a file, but it is not so flexible.

Hi wklee,

Is that possible to obtain the code for Tegrastat?

No, there is no plan to provide it since it contains our IP.