Performance of recording (encoding) while rendering at the same time


Platform: Jetson AGX Orin 32GB.
Task: rendering and recording 4K60FPS.

Right now I’m doing some estimation tasks of encoding. Our use case is, we will render a 4K video in 60 FPS while doing the recording (as request) in the background at the same time. I have tested the 4K60 performance separately for rendering and encoding, no issues at all. Next, I revised the 10_argus_camera_recording by adding another consumer called “PreviewConsumer”, and subscribed it to the streamer, but however the frame rate dropped significantly, to 8FPS only. I enclosed the revised code in the attachment.

It would be great if anyone can give a suggestion on the feasibility of this task on Jetson Orin platform (AGX, or NX), and if it’s feasible, is the frame-drop caused by the streamer-consumer workflow that I had written, or else? Thanks in advance!

argus_recording_rendering.cpp (34.5 KB)


Please check the argus_camera if the same result.