Performance Regression [GTX 750 Ti] [390.12]

When I upgrade from the 387.34 driver to the 390.12 driver, I notice a drop in performance in Gnome 3 when pressing the [super] key, which toggles Gnome 3’s overview mode.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Upgrade from 387.34 to 390.12
  2. Log into Gnome 3
  3. Press the [super] key
  4. Notice choppy window animation

When I downgrade back to 387.34, the animation becomes smooth again.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (184 KB)

I installed the 390.25 driver, and toggling overview mode is smooth. The problem appears to be fixed.

Allow me to jump in here. It seems like this issue is not entirely fixed. I am on Mint 18.3 and yes, window spread is smooth on 387.34 and 390.25.

However, performance while browsing in Opera severely decreases after updating the driver from 387.34 to 390.25.

  • When switching between tabs, there's a delay while the tab is loaded.
  • Scrolling (e.g. on Facebook or is choppy.
  • Videos on YouTube are choppy for a few seconds until the system seems to "catch up".

None of these issues occur on 387.34.

I have made a video showing cycling through tabs:

Can’t find a button to attach a file here, so I dropboxed the log: