Perlin noise, procedural generation, CUDA

Does GPU hardware have support for Perlin noise and procedural generation?

I’m asking this, because of CUDA (and Ageia PhysX using it). Does CUDA open up stuff like superfast procedural generation of noise, and even things like city generators if the code is processed by the GPU hardware? Is it even possible? How does it work, etc…

Ageia’s aquisition is perfect (Ageia physics is superior to anything else, and CPUs just can’t cut it), as is a software install to enable Ageia PhysX (provided that the results are similar to a PhysX card). And hopefully future GPUs have additional processors (PPU) to make full use of its potential. But something like procedural noise, and content generation is still lacking on current CPUs, it takes too long to compute and would be pefect if a GPU could handle this as well.

Insightful thoughts/comments most welcome…

CUDA opens up everything. Procedural noise can certainly be done. I seem to recall a few people on these forums posting that they were working on this.

You are right, doing a search resulted in this thread (noise for texture generation, although I’m more interested in noise for terrain generation - but I assume the principles are similar):