Permanent Viewport Settings


for my project I’d like to have the Viewport settings differently from the default settings. More precisely I’d like the FPS limit to be 30 FPS and the render resolution to be 1920x1080.
At the moment I’m changing those parameters by hand on each startup. Is there a way to change those settings permanently or maybe set them by passing additional startup arguments?

Also i noticed [Error] [omni.ui.python] Unable to cast Python instance to C++ type (compile in debug mode for details) these errors when changing the FPS limit, they don’t seem to have any effects though.

Thanks for your help!

Hi @chr1s

You can launch Isaac Sim with the following arguments to change the viewport resolution and the fps limit

--/app/renderer/resolution/width=DESIRED_WIDTH --/app/renderer/resolution/height=DESIRED_HEIGHT --/app/runLoops/main/rateLimitFrequency=DESIRED_FPS_LIMIT

For example, in a remote workstation the command

./ --allow-root --/app/renderer/resolution/width=400 --/app/renderer/resolution/height=300 --/app/runLoops/main/rateLimitFrequency=10

set up Isaac Sim to


Thank you very much!

An alternate method is to change the defaults specified in the
apps/omni.isaac.sim.base.kit or override it in a specific .kit file that you are launching
If you open the .sh file you are running it should tell you the .kit config file that is being loaded.

What suggested also applies and is probably easier for quick testing :)
Any config setting can be equivalently set via the commandline

Thanks, I’ll try that as well!

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